Ezzat Chamudi


eSense Software, Amman, Jordan

UI Designer & Front End Web Developer
2015 - Present

It is a custom software development company with headquarter in Amman, Jordan. The job is done remotely. During summer holiday, I work full-time at the headquarter.


  • Designing user interface and building prototype of our major product: Berry correspondence and event management system
  • Working on the front end side of the web app
  • Building custom websites using WordPress
  • Working on other smaller projects e.g. website designs, HTML template development, UI prototypes, booklet designs
Other Experiences


UI Designer & Front End Web Developer
2013 - 2015

During this period, I actively join contests on 99designs to explore new design and requirement challenges. I also work directly for clients. The freelance projects cover:

  • UI designs for websites, desktop apps, and mobile apps
  • HTML template development for websites

Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia

Bachelor of Computer Science
2016 - 2020
  • ABET accredited program.

SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Senior High School 1 of Yogyakarta
2010 - 2013